Friday, February 24, 2012

State funding available for the "Standing Tall" program

We just had a conversation with Laurie Timm from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.  To that end, here’s a summary of what we discussed:

Business leaders wishing to attend a Standing Tall in an Upside-Down World principled leadership session may apply for Workforce Development training funds in order to cover a portion of the registration and travel fees.  Workforce Services has preapproved up to 60% of the program’s expenses as long as the company applying for the funds is current on its Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Insurance obligations.  Each person/employee applying for funds is eligible for up to $2000 in benefits per year.  Please note that funding applications must be initiated at least 30 days prior to traveling to the conference.  To apply for funding, or to receive further information, please contact:

Joanie Chavez, Assistant Program Manager

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services


Kent Noble, UW College of Business


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