Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rock Springs Seminar

thoroughly enjoyed the Standing Tall program. I was very impressed with the speed, I was never bored but I also didn't feel rushed. Kent knows how to captivate an audience with just the right mix of stories and facts. It is great to learn about the Code of the West from someone who lives the code each day. 
After I left, I was very energized. I was excited and couldn't wait to read, The Try, and finish my code.The program filled a void in my life, that I didn't know needed filled. My Code has been created, but I have already modified it twice. Every time I read it, I get a sense of purpose. 
Great program all around!

Johno Green
Public Relations
Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce
"Bringing Businesses and Communities Together"
phone: 307-362-3771
Aspiring to STAND TALL through the following personal code: 
1. Stay true to yourself, no matter the circumstance. 
2. Value time. 
3. Spend quality time doing what matters most. 
4. Remember what you possess, not what you don't. 
5. See the world through a child's eyes. 
6. Do something for someone else everyday. 
7. Try today and every day. 
8. Everything you do, effects someone else, make it count. 
9. Life is an experience. 
10. Always do the best you can. 

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