Thursday, February 13, 2014

Standing Tall Program

I have attended several Professional Development/Leadership Workshops and have read several books as well.  In every instance I came away from those workshops and books with a sense of still missing something and not getting what I had hoped for.  That changed with the Standing Tall Workshop.  I came away from this workshop with a sense of accomplishment, inspiration and dedication to make not only my life better but also the lives of all that I interact with, especially my family.  This workshop is not just about being successful in your business or career, it goes much deeper and really is about being successful in all aspects of your life.  I would highly recommend this program to all, young and old and would strongly suggest that it needs to be part of the educational curriculum at all levels. 


A principle from my code that is the most meaningful is my Try Principle:  “All it takes is all you’ve got”


Doug Zalesky, Ph.D.

Director, Laramie Research and Extension Center

University of Wyoming

1174 Snowy Range Road

Laramie, WY  82070

Office:  307/766-3665


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