Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Standing Tall Workshop for the Pinnacle Banking Group

We are preparing for our fall meeting with employees located in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Part of our presentation to our staff will include the “Ten Principals to Live By”.  “What you stand for” has challenged me to spend time evaluating principals that I want to continue to live by.  The two listed are ones that I try to live by.

“Do what you know is right” and “Strive for a stable balance between family and work”.

“Cowboy Ethics” go back to my childhood years when I would ride along to the pasture with my Grandfather and Father to check on cattle.  Both loved the cattle business and what the cowboy stood for.  I do not share the same passion for cattle but their principals stick with me today.

Curt Denker
1401 N Street – Lincoln
NMLS #665598
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