Monday, February 4, 2013

Cowgirl Up ~ TRMC

Dear Community of the Code:


Thank you for assisting my company, TRMC, by providing my co-workers and I the opportunity to attend a ‘Standing Tall’ session.  As I signed my certificate and display it in my office, I promise to live my code each day, find ways to implement it into my daily life and I promise to use it to be a leader and a role mode, to encourage true leadership.  Again, thank you for inspiring us to be who ours parents raised us to be … strong, hard-working, genuinely caring healthcare providers who strive for patient excellence.




Chrisy J Myhand RN

Emergency Department Clinical Director

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center

602 North Acadia Road

Thibodaux LA  70301

O 985-493-4726 / F 985-449-4603


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