Friday, May 24, 2013

Standing Tall!

I was so impressed with the leadership session yesterday.  Kent was a great speaker and interacted very well with the audience.  For me, one of the best parts was the focus around the state of Wyoming.    I'm proud we are traveling around the country to show others just what we are all about.  If help is needed with this project, I'm willing to get involved.  I was born and raised as an athlete in Wyoming but ventured across the region during college. I came back to Cheyenne because of Wyoming's Code of Ethics. The PowerPoint presentation was so engaging, it made everyone want to get out and do some good.  Great class and I was very privileged to attend.  

Thank you so much,
Bret Fanning

P.S. You make your own luck.  How will you increase your odds?
Bret Fanning

Senior Auditor
Wyoming Dept of Audit

Excise Tax Division

Phone (307) 777-6306

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