Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cowboy ethics class

I am amazed at how focused and energized I am after the session I attended yesterday in Casper Wyoming. I am currently working on fixing up my own code.. I have the thoughts for each piece of my code.. I just need to write in words I like !!! I am going to incorporate parts of the Cowboy Code of Ethics in to my teen Youth Group, and possibly with the entire church!! Thanks so much !!!!

The volunteer/ community piece especially struck a chord with me. Matthew 25:40 is my “life” verse… and I am a strong believer in helping where help is needed. We do work monthly on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, In Manderson, SD. Bringing beds, other furniture, clothing and food to families we have adopted,. It began 5 years ago as a one time “mission” but has rapidly grown to be monthly. The Youth Group goes with us and we are known for this effort in our community. We also do community work days where we raise money for paint to paint homes for those that are needy and to do yard work, move furniture, any thing we can do essentially !!!

Thanks so much !!!
Kelly Cederholm
7208 Mckenna Rd
TorringtonWyoming 82240

Lincoln Infant Toddler Center
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