Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Standing Tall In Los Alamos



I have completed the pre-requisites to achieve my Standing TALL tag. This is hands down the best program I have attended on personal accountability. While the words in my e-mail signature may be just that, words, the simple task of putting down on paper what is taken for granted was more challenging than I realized. I have attended different programs that literally dance around the final and necessary step that the Standing Tall program requires… Write it down, display it and most importantly, Live it.  I have these displayed above my desk alongside my degree because these two pieces of paper signify a personal conquest that I overcame and could not be more proud of my accomplishment.


Thank you for a wonderful program and I look forward every day to living my code.



Justin Grider

Deputy Fire Chief

Los Alamos County Fire Department

195 East Road Suite 101 Los Alamos, NM 87544

Office:      505-662-8308

Cell:          505-500-5196

Fax:           505-667-8302


My Code I am pursuing. Inpired by Cowboy Ethics.

Live a positive life with a positive mind *Be Nice * Be what inspires me*

Always show respect to those that make me who I am *

Make everyday better than yesterday *Be Serious when necessary, Be of good humor always*

Don’t just encourage family/work balance. Live it *Be decisive in thought, action and word *Give myself in service to others

*Live each day with Courage


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