Thursday, January 24, 2013

Standing Tall

Good Morning,


I can’t begin to tell you how much this training meant to me.   I will need to continue to refine my values but I feel like this course gave me great building blocks for getting there.     I have my first 9 done.   They are the things that in raising a family are fairly easy to follow but so much more complicated in an office setting.    Here are my values:


1)      Hold your ground

2)      Stand up for others

3)      Speak up- Speak out

4)      Look for the reflection

5)      See the best in others

6)      Don’t miss a minute

7)      Always be “ON”

8)      Be in Service to Others

9)      Be the rock,  not the ripple


I felt like this was the best leadership class I have ever attended and I have attended quite a few of them .   It was highly organized,  well thought out and meaningful.   Dr. Noble did an amazing job,  his obvious passion for the topic comes through and he is very engaging. 






Traci Ruskowsky

Finance and Administration Manager

290 N. Brooks St

Sheridan, WY 82801



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