Saturday, January 12, 2013

Update on the Standing Tall Program

Dear Standing Tall Graduates,

I’m posting this in order to give you an update regarding the program you completed. 

As you know, the University of Wyoming College of Business and the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership developed a three-hour ethics program using author James P. Owen’s Cowboy Ethics book as the organizing concept.  The initiative, Standing Tall in an Upside-Down World, was created with the goal of inspiring business people to serve as principled leaders in their companies, industries, and communities at large. While the initiative was originally designed for Wyoming’s industry executives, it is now impacting people well beyond the state’s borders.

To date, approximately 40 Standing Tall sessions have been conducted for various organizations and entities.  Graduates hail from 30 Wyoming communities, 18 states, 5 countries, and one planet J—and what’s really exciting is the program has only been in existence for one year. 

Referrals are primarily what drive the success of the Standing Tall initiative.  Graduates are vocal advocates and their testimonials help spread the influence of the program.  

So, where does the Standing Tall program go from here?  Clearly, business leaders in Wyoming will continue to be exposed to it.  Not surprisingly, UW College of Business students are also benefiting from the initiative.  In fact, every on-campus MBA student is now a graduate, as are the students in the college’s undergraduate business ethics courses.  

While the program's roots are in Wyoming, it’s clear this venture is going on an extended road trip. As of this writing, an agreement is being finalized with the Better Business Bureau to bring Standing Tall to Northern Colorado’s business community. Workshops were also recently conducted for the Los Alamos, New Mexico Police and Fire Departments, a large construction firm on New York’s Long Island, and one of the country’s top medical centers in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Future workshops are scheduled for the Governor of Idaho/the Idaho Young Presidents’ Organization in Boise, and C5 Georgia/the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation in Atlanta.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you!

Kent Noble

Assistant Dean

University of Wyoming College of Business

Department 3275 • 1000 E University Avenue • Laramie, Wyoming 82071

Cell: 307-760-7860 • Office: 307-766-3043 • Fax: 307-766-4028  E-mail:


The code I'm pursuing, as inspired by “The Code of the West” – What’s your code?      


1.       Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about God, family, and friends.

2.       Figure out why you’re here…then go get it done. 

3.       Effort and attitude can trump intelligence, but nothing trumps integrity. 

4.       Make the room better when you enter it.

5.       Find the humor and share it. 

6.       Live each moment like your kids are watching. 

7.       Don’t make it more difficult than it really is.

8.       Strive for win-win situations.

9.       Bet on those that buy into the “half-full” theory. 

10.   Some things matter, some things don’t—don’t confuse the two.



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