Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Re: Standing Tall/Cowboy Ethics Follow Up

I am happy to provide some feedback for the Standing Tall workshop I attended in Casper November 7.
The length of the presentation was well done- the pacing was coordinated well, and we were able to get through the content without feeling sluggish at any point.
The material is invaluable- I only wish it reached more people! I look forward to reading the books by Jim Owen.
I know that this workshop will translate into more of a drive for me to live with my passions and values in the forefront.
My code is included in my signature.
Thank you very much for this amazing experience!

Jade Stutheit
1st Grade
Mills Elementary

Aspiring to Stand Tall through the following personal code:
1- Have the moral courage to make your actions consistent with your knowledge of right & wrong.
2- Do less judging; do more to understand.
3- Trade expectation for appreciation.
4- Inspire positivity through positive action.
5- Use your gifts to contribute to the needs of others.
6- Do your best; forget the rest.
7- Pull others into the light of faith, the comfort of encouragement, and the warmth of love.
8- Let everything you do serve your faith and family.

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