Thursday, March 29, 2012

Standing Tall tag

I have completed my class and have my certificate displayed in my office.  I would like to include the tag on my emails.  Kathy


Kathy Steil

Vice President

Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce




Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Standing tall

Capitol Roofing has satisfied the three stated requirements.

Dennis Humphrey

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"Standing Tall" Tags Available for Company Websites and/or Email Signatures

Graduates of the “Standing Tall in an Upside-Down World” program are now eligible to receive the following digital tag for their company website and/or email signature.  The dates on the tag reflect the three-year term of the certificate the graduates receive:

The tag is also linked to a page that briefly explains the program and lists the community leaders that have completed it.

Graduates must agree to the following conditions in order to display the tag:

1.       Attend a “Standing Tall” session.

2.       Sign the “Standing Tall” certificate they receive after completing the course.  This document includes a pledge to:  a) live their code each day; b) find tangible ways to put their principles into action; c) be a role model for principled leadership; and d) give back to their community.

3.       Display their “Standing Tall” certificate.

4.       Send an email to stating they have done all of the above (their statement will show up on the “Community of the Code” blog).

5.       Register their email address at for blog updates.

If you have any questions, please contact me at  Thank you!

Kent Noble