Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Standing Tall

Kent provided a fantastic "Standing Tall" presentation to the business and community leaders within the Burlington, WY areas.  The presentation seems to have had a very positive impact on many of the attendees and I will add it definitely had a positive effect on me as well.  As I worked through the process of establishing my personal code, I truly realized that a few of my top priorities were being placed toward the bottom of my actions.  I am convinced if more people stopped and took the time to evaluate their personal code, society would be a better place.  I will proudly display my "Standing Tall" certificate .


Shon Hocker

Superintendent of Schools

Big Horn County SD #1

Cowley, WY 82420

Friday, November 16, 2012


Thanks Kent for coming to Burlington and presenting the Standing Tall in an Upside-down World workshop.  It was great.  I have been working on my personal code of ethics and have found the process very productive. We certainly live in a world where ethics seem to be vanishing.  It is time for those who feel differently to stand for what they believe and to live according to those values. There is power individually and collectively in doing what is right. Let's restore honor to its rightful place as a guide for purposeful living.


Thanks again,



  Matt Davidson


Burlington Schools

-Embracing Excellence-


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Standing Tall in an Upside Down World

I have completed the requirements for the digital tag.


I thoroughly enjoyed this program.  I truly got so much from this class and the information that was presented.  I feel it is so important for everyone, from business professionals to students, to evaluate their own code of ethics and where they stand.  I feel that having that kind of foundation is vital to being successful and honest both at work and in your personal life.  The Code of the West is a great set of principles that everyone can learn from.  Thanks to Mr. Noble for a great presentation! 


Shantel Seppala

Groathouse Construction, Inc.

1050 N 3rd Street, Suite A

Laramie, WY 82072

Office: 307-745-4119

Fax: 307-742-7124


Friday, November 2, 2012

Standing Tall Requirements

I have completed all of the requirements for the digital tag.

The “Standing Tall” course was incredible.  There aren’t enough superlatives to explain how entertaining and informative the class was.  Kent did a great job of presenting the material and his passion for the “Code” was evident from his first words.  I would encourage anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to step back and examine their life to do so with the guidance provided in the course.