Brian Benishek, General Sales Manager, ACUITY Mutual Insurance Company - I want to thank you for the Standing Tall ethical-leadership program.  Truly one of the best I have ever attended.  I think I had more "take always" from your class than I have in nearly 30 years of attending various executive education programs. 

Jim Geesey, CEO, Mountain West Farm Bureau Insurance – You hit it out of the park with your Standing Tall program.  It was a very enriching presentation from both a personal and a professional perspective.  The exercise of putting into writing “What do you stand for?” was very powerful.  Our agency force has communicated more positive feedback to me about your program than any other program we have shared with them over the past 10 years. 

Doug Zalesky, Ph.D. Director, Research and Extension Center, University of Wyoming - I have attended several Professional Development/Leadership Workshops and have read many books as well.  In every instance I came away with a sense that something was missing.  That changed with the Standing Tall Workshop.  I left this workshop with a sense of accomplishment, inspiration and dedication to make not only my life better but also the lives of those I interact with, especially my family.  This workshop is not just about being successful in your business or career, it goes much deeper and really is about being successful in all aspects of your life.  I would highly recommend this program to all, young and old and would strongly suggest that it needs to be part of the educational curriculum at all levels. 

David Anderson, Director of Development, New York Life Insurance Company - Motivation lasts a day, but inspiration lasts a lifetime.  The Standing Tall program has inspired me.  Thank you!

Brady Koerwitz, US Bank Home Mortgage - What a fantastic seminar.  I am completely inspired!  Would recommend the course to anyone looking to make a change for the better.  Life changing! 

David Lieb, Associate Vice President, Penn State University - I would highly recommend this session and encourage anyone thinking about offering a staff development training opportunity in the area(s) of ethics, integrity and/or leadership to seriously consider the Center For Cowboy Ethics and Leadership.

Commander Scott Mills, Los Alamos, NM Police Department – I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you for bringing this excellent program to my community. The training was excellent and it helped to rekindle a vigor to maintain the highest levels of integrity.  Thank you!

Chrisy Myhand,  Emergency Department Clinical Director, Thibodaux, Louisiana Regional Medical Center - Thank you for assisting my company, TRMC, by providing us the opportunity to attend a ‘Standing Tall’ session...and thank you for inspiring us to be who our parents raised us to be…strong, hard-working, genuinely caring healthcare providers who strive for patient excellence.

Rachel McCaughey, Assistant Director, Buffalo Chamber of Commerce - This program is invaluable!  It made me more aware and conscious of trying to live my principles.  Everyone really needs to take it.  Honestly, I cannot wait to fine tune my principles…and share them.  This program could change the world!

Craig Rood, Site Manager, OCI Chemical Corporation - I recently set up a Standing Tall workshop for the Leadership Team at OCI.  I think everyone was a little apprehensive as we began…but the entire team opened up during the session and I have been told by many that they truly enjoyed the session and feel it will help them grow as a leader.  As for myself I was very pleased with the workshop and feel it will help myself and our teamI would recommend Standing Tall for anyone that is looking for leadership training or team development. 

Diane Servantez, Torrington Police Department - As promised your presentation was AMAZING!!!  I just wanted to send you a quick note saying thank you for presenting at the conference.  I have heard nothing but good things about it...This is a great program and one that needs to be spread throughout our communities.  I am looking forward to you coming again to our community to give further presentations.

Mary Ellbogen Garland, President, John P. Ellbogen Foundation - Going into the afternoon program, I didn't understand that it would challenge me to change some things in my life.  It would push me to "stand tall" in some areas that I struggle, and to be vigilant in living my beliefs and values.  Kent did a great job in moving the class through the concepts and encouraging us to be thoughtful in the hard work of writing and living "our code".  I am excited about making it work in my life, and in sharing it with others.

John J. Majhanovich, Financial Services Professional, New York Life Insurance Company - Having been in the insurance business for the past 19 years, this was by far the best and most rewarding ethics course I've ever attended. 

Josey Stender, Head Women's Golf Coach, University of Wyoming - "I just wanted to thank you so much for an amazing, life changing presentation today.  I will be taking home much self-reflection that I know will improve my roles as a wife, mother, friend, daughter and mentor.  I know for certain our players are better for this!"

Justin Grider, Deputy Fire Chief, Los Alamos County Fire Department - I have completed the requirements to achieve my Standing Tall digital tag. This is hands down the best program I have attended on personal accountability. While the words in my new code may be just that, words, the simple task of putting down on paper what is taken for granted was more challenging than I realized. I have attended different programs that literally dance around the final and necessary steps that the Standing Tall program requires… Write it down, Communicate it to others, and most importantly, Live it!  I have my new code displayed above my desk alongside my degree because these two pieces of paper signify personal conquests that I overcame and could not be more proud of accomplishing.  Thank you for a wonderful program and I look forward to living my code every day.

Shumaila Khalid, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Pakistan - I am really thankful to be a graduate of the Standing Tall program.  This will be one of my best experiences in the United States.  I am going to take these principles home to Pakistan so I can teach my people a code which is full of motivation.  I am especially inspired by these two principles:
One of my main objectives in coming to America was to learn leadership behavior and I think this course has largely provided me with what I need.

Richard Uhl, SVP, Banking Group, First Interstate Bank - I have completed my pledge to Stand Tall in my Community.   I want to thank you, the University of Wyoming and the Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity to attend your program.  It is excellent.  I look forward to taking this message and dispersing it in the local community, as well as using it to set an example in my own place of work.

Gregg Jones, E.V.P. / Cheyenne President , Jonah Bank - I cannot begin to say how significant this course is to me, and I want to congratulate those involved.  The course has every chance of being a legacy to the citizens of the great state of Wyoming.  It is something we can all benefit from, and more importantly contribute to, that is uniquely Wyoming.  Thank you again for your efforts.  

Robert Harmon, General Manager, Holiday Inn in Cheyenne - I thought this was an inspiring course that took many everyday ideals and compacted them within a logical order. The course maintained flexibility within the curriculum. If you wanted to change some ideals or add some, they still allowed you to customize the way you wanted to treat others, as long as it maintained the integrity and spirit of the Code.

M. E. Richey, CPA, MER Tax, Accounting, and Consulting - I am proud to be a member of the inaugural class of "Standing Tall".  The seminar was much more than I had anticipated.  The comments, video clips, and discussions were very interesting.  Although, I try to lead an ethical life, sometimes falling short, I find the Cowboy Code of Ethics is a great written reminder of how to live my life and run my business.  This seminar helps me to firm up those beliefs and goals, and reminds me to keep trying to attain them.  Thank you to all of my classmates for their insights.

Andy Worshek, Director of Human Resources, McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP - Thank you for your willingness to get involved with this project. I am a firm believer in principle-centered leadership and have experienced firsthand the results of leadership that is motivated by enduring principles. I thought you communicated the principles of Jim’s book in a manner that was thought provoking and inspiring. Getting the participants involved in the discussion through the development of an 11th principle was brilliant. I have been through numerous classes, seminars, and meetings where codes and mission statements were sold as the end all of leadership and motivation. Your realistic presentation of the Code of the West, coupled with a manner in which one could challenge their personal application of the principles will leave a lasting impression on those courageous enough to critically self–assess and take action. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with other leaders in my community and hear how they are using the code in their businesses and lives. I will use my position in my firm to encourage other leaders to get involved in a Standing Tall session. 

Shaun Andrikopoulos, Co-Founder & President at PointWest Resources LLC - Great work on the Standing Tall/Cowboy Ethics presentation.  I think there are many ways this presentation and process could be leveraged into corporate leadership training programs.  I must admit I was skeptical of a 'packaged' values system, but the way you have approached it as a starting point for individuals and businesses to build upon is spot on.  In fact, I think it could supplant a lot of the multi-day "values" sessions that consultants constantly try to sell businesses, as it's much more efficient.

Dick Bratton, Manager, Jona, Inc. - I am proud to have attended a recent session of “Standing Tall” presented by the College of Business.  The code is so simple, so logical and provides a thought provoking list of codes for making decisions regarding myself, family, friends, life and business.  It also makes you reflect on your own code or codes to supplement the list and make it a little more personal.  I will try to live the code each day.   

KaLee Lopez, Development Office Associate, University of Wyoming College of Business - I have completed all of the requirements for the Standing Tall program. I pledge to Stand Tall in all of my dealings both personal and business related. This program and exploring my own personal “code” has allowed me to reflect on what I stand for more in the days since I participated in the course than I have in a very long time.  I love that I was able to tailor the program to me as an individual and able to begin to put my own code into words.  I am working on finalizing my code so that I can share it with those I come in contact with.

Jessica Baxter, Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming - We were privileged and excited to be a part of the Standing Tall training on May 8th.  The Code of the West is impactful and truly life-changing.  We've seen it in our youth, our organization, and ourselves.  I have signed my certificate and it proudly sits on my desk for all to see!  A great big thank you to the University of Wyoming for your passion and your work!

Justin VanLandschoot, Trinity One Group, LLC
My “Code” (still a work in progress):

Be Accountable
Hold Others Accountable
Be Present
Think Positively
Be Healthy
Stick Your Neck Out
Lead by Example
Practice Positive Habits
Lean Into It

Dave Coffey, CEO, Coffey Engineering & Surveying - Coffey Engineering & Surveying is proud to have adopted the Code of the West. The “Standing Tall” session was fantastic. After the program, I took the opportunity to discuss the Code of the West with my family at dinner. My oldest child, Alexandra (12), was very interested and we had a lively discussion about what each of the codes meant.  

Mike Nolan, General Manager/Americas, Luminex Corporation, California - Thank you to the University of Wyoming College of Business for so effectively leading the Standing Tall program.  I am grateful the college has also agreed to do the program for my staff in September.  We are all looking forward to it. I have signed my Standing Tall certificate and am displaying it.  I pledge that I will do my best to live my code each day, find tangible ways to put my principles into action, be a role model for principled leadership, and select and address a specific social need in my community.

Shantel Seppala, Groathouse Construction, Inc. – I thoroughly enjoyed this program and truly gained a lot from the information that was presented.  I feel it is important for everyone, from business professionals to students, to evaluate their own code of ethics and where they stand.  I feel having this kind of foundation is vital to being successful and honest both at work and in your personal life.  The Code of the West is a great set of principles that everyone can learn from.  Thanks for a great presentation!

Steven Morse, President, Milwaukie Lumber Company - I have been in the Oregon Evergreen chapter of YPO (Young Presidents' Organization) for 16 years and for me, your presentation about "Cowboy Ethics" was one of the most powerful and relevant I have witnessed!!  Keep up the good work!!

Dr. Leslie Carter, Deschutes Dermatology Center, Bend, OR – I just wanted to thank you for the great program you put on in Boise.  I am already putting many of the principles into practice and plan on sharing the philosophy with my staff at our next meeting.  I’d like you to include my name on the list of program graduates and send me a certificate of completion if you would please.  Thank you again and please let me know if you are ever in Bend. 

Lori Ridgway, Central Wyoming College - This presentation was fantastic!  Informative, engaging, with a specific call to action for participants.  Our students and staff were given the opportunity to reflect upon the “bar-lowering” behavior in our society and discuss how as individuals we can change this trend.  The exercises incorporated in the workshop support identifying individual principles to create your personal code – thus applying to participants from a variety of ages, professions, and situations.  The presenter was exceptional, making the topic of ethics logical and action-oriented.  As a participant, you leave knowing you can make a difference in our society with courage and commitment to your code.

Greg Lessard, Aspen Leaf Financial Planning, LLC - Standing Tall in an Upside Down World reminded me of the person I want to be.  Since the workshop, my wife and I have committed to putting away the iPhones and iPad at the dinner table.  It's important for us to set the right example for our 2 year old daughter.  On the job, my business partner and I have agreed that our compliance procedures shouldn't just reflect compliance with my industry's regulations, but they should be based on principles of the highest ethics as well.

Heidi Sheldon, National Vice President of Merchandising, M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. / Richmond American Homes - I recently attended the Code of the West Workshop in Denver, CO and enjoyed it immensely.  The material presented was incredibly inspirational and thought provoking.  I left feeling energized, inspired and excited about writing down my own “code”.   The workshop was so positive and well put together that I thought about various audiences that would enjoy participating.  My daughter is a teacher and I know this would be a great program for schools as well as employers wanting to enrich their company culture. Thank you for putting together an exceptional workshop!

Josi Wambach, 2012 University of Wyoming MBA Graduate - I was inspired to create a personal code by the Standing Tall session.  I believe my code will help me grow into the person I want to be in the future. The Standing Tall course caused me to reflect on my past and challenged me to create a better version of myself. These standards will create a better future not only for me, but also for my family and for my future employer.

Live Each Day with Courage
Take Pride in Your Work

The Code of the West is alive and well in my household and business!  Thank you!  My certificate is displayed proudly on my desk. 

Jake Anfinson, First Interstate Bank – The Standing Tall course was incredible.  There aren’t enough superlatives to explain how entertaining and informative the class was.  They did a great job of presenting the material and their passion for the “Code” was evident from the very beginning.  I would encourage anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to step back and examine their life to do so with the guidance provided in this course.

Listening to the speakers at the event was a great reminder of the way we should conduct ourselves, even when we're running low on mental fortitude.  I'm excited about my personal code and my wife is anxious to help me refine it!  Thank you again for a fantastic workshop.  

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