Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Standing Tall Workshop for the Pinnacle Banking Group

We are preparing for our fall meeting with employees located in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Part of our presentation to our staff will include the “Ten Principals to Live By”.  “What you stand for” has challenged me to spend time evaluating principals that I want to continue to live by.  The two listed are ones that I try to live by.

“Do what you know is right” and “Strive for a stable balance between family and work”.

“Cowboy Ethics” go back to my childhood years when I would ride along to the pasture with my Grandfather and Father to check on cattle.  Both loved the cattle business and what the cowboy stood for.  I do not share the same passion for cattle but their principals stick with me today.

Curt Denker
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Standing Tall!!

Working to create my own “Code of the West” principles helped me to refocus on what is truly important in all aspects of my life.  What a marvelous opportunity for anyone to define or redefine who they are. Thank you for an incredible experience!!!

“Integrity is the higher ground and that is where I am meant to live.”

Nancy Lee Clancy

Feedback for Jackson on 17 Oct 14

Loved the workshop. Arrived kind of grumpy.... having to leave Pinedale early to make it. Workshop was worth it.

My principle has always been: Walk the Talk


Sue Lynn
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I enjoyed the class immensely it really made me do some sole searching and I did come up with my own code.  One of my principles is :  “Be nice, talk nice to everyone and do not judge”.


The Manning Team
Sheryl & Bob

Kent Noble - Real Estate Continuing Education - Cowboy Ethics / Standing Tall

I can honestly say that this workshop was the most interesting and applicable Real Estate CE class I have ever attended.  The 3 hours flew by without seeing anyone sleeping, gawking at the ceiling or tapping away at their phone.   Each activity was extremely meaningful and I did feel like each of us were developing a code which gave us accountability and motivation to improve our lives and make our new standard 1% better than it is today. “ Live each moment like your kids are watching”, was my favorite principle from Kent’s code.  My kids are the heartbeat in my world and I think that if I continue to use that as my meter, decisions will remain way above the standard.  I also appreciate “All it takes is all you’ve got”.  For me it shows the lack of judgment or criticism to others; the code is about what you do to make your life and those around you lives  better, it is not about what others are doing or not doing, it boils down to your own  accountability and setting the bar above the ethical standard.
My principles did not sound as “cool” and needed some refining…
Share a smile, it may be the only sunshine someone sees today.
God’s unquestionable power is the reason I am blessed.
Thank you again for coming to Jackson and sharing the Code.

Barbara Andrews
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Feed Back From 10-15-14 Salida session

This was an extremely valuable workshop for me. I would recommend it for everyone. Kent was an excellent presenter. I plan to fine tune my personal code and put it into action. Here is a principle on self improvement I developed at the workshop.

Make part of every day a training day. Learn something every day.


Stewart Pappenfort
Senior Ranger
Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area
307 West Sackett Ave, Salida, CO  81201

Thursday, October 2, 2014

digital e-mail tag

I have attended a “Standing Tall” session, Signed the “Standing Tall” certificate and am displaying it.

I now need the digital e-mail tag to display on my e-mails.

Thank you!

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