Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Standing tall at WREA

I recently asked Kent Noble to give the Standing Tall presentation to the members of the Wyoming Rural Electric Association at our annual meeting.  I was a little nervous about how the program would be received just because many of my members are ranchers, farmers and cowboys so I didn’t know what they would think.  Turns out I had some of the more “seasoned” people tell me that they loved the program and very much appreciated what Kent had to say and how he said it.


Shawn Taylor

Executive Director

Wyoming Rural Electric Association

2312 Carey Ave.

Cheyenne, WY 82001

307-634-0727 office

307-214-1969 cell


Saturday, September 21, 2013


I wanted to let you know that I sent an email to my children’s school about your program. They attend a private school and I think this would be an excellent program to implement.



Kelly Altland

Interim, Associate Vice President for Development

Interim, Chief Development Officer

Penn State Hershey Medical Center and Penn State College of Medicine

600 Centerview Drive, A120

Hershey, PA 17033-0852

Office: 717-531-8456





Thursday, September 19, 2013

WREA session


Thanks so much for presenting at the Wyoming Rural Electric Association annual meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! I found the content inspirational and motivating. It made me want to work even harder to be a better person! I look forward to reading The Try and seeing how I can apply it to my everyday life.

Lorrell Walter
Public Relations Manager

Pine Bluffs, Wyoming
(307) 245-4337 - Office
(315) 427-5612 - Cell

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rock Springs Seminar

thoroughly enjoyed the Standing Tall program. I was very impressed with the speed, I was never bored but I also didn't feel rushed. Kent knows how to captivate an audience with just the right mix of stories and facts. It is great to learn about the Code of the West from someone who lives the code each day. 
After I left, I was very energized. I was excited and couldn't wait to read, The Try, and finish my code.The program filled a void in my life, that I didn't know needed filled. My Code has been created, but I have already modified it twice. Every time I read it, I get a sense of purpose. 
Great program all around!

Johno Green
Public Relations
Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce
"Bringing Businesses and Communities Together"
phone: 307-362-3771
Aspiring to STAND TALL through the following personal code: 
1. Stay true to yourself, no matter the circumstance. 
2. Value time. 
3. Spend quality time doing what matters most. 
4. Remember what you possess, not what you don't. 
5. See the world through a child's eyes. 
6. Do something for someone else everyday. 
7. Try today and every day. 
8. Everything you do, effects someone else, make it count. 
9. Life is an experience. 
10. Always do the best you can. 

Standing Tall

I have completed all associated tasks with the Standing Tall program and would like to display the Standing Tall Digital tag with my emails.

Thank you Kent & Jim for a very interesting program yesterday at Penn State. Your thought provoking  discussion helped us all evaluate who we are

in addition, you provided a forum to help us define and articulate who we are and what we stand for.




Anthony J. Shipula II

Anthony J. Shipula II

Director of Development

Penn State Wilkes-Barre

PO Box PSU – Old Route 115

Lehman, Pa. 18627

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Cell:       570-817-3319

Fax:       570-675-9241




Monday, September 16, 2013

Great Session @ PSU

Jim and Kent offered a fantastic Standing Tall workshop at Penn State. Their message and delivery were fabulous and well received by our staff in attendance. Nearly everyone who participated were appreciative of the seminar and the manner in which it was presented. I would highly recommend this session and encourage anyone thinking about offering a staff development training opportunity in the area(s) of ethics, integrity and/or leadership to seriously consider the Center For Cowboy Ethics and Leadership.



David J. Lieb

Assoc. V.P.

Penn State – Office of University Development




Friday, September 13, 2013

Wyomiing Bar-Standing Tall


I enjoyed the workshop.  You mentioned a teacher in Colorado who developed a curriculum for “at risk” students.  My son teaches 9th  grade at risk students in Gillette.  Would you provide the contact information to me as my son would like to contact the teacher.  I mentioned the focus of the workshop and he is quite interested for his students.


Francis E. (Frank) Stevens

Stevens, Edwards, Hallock, Carpenter, & Phillips PC

P.O. Box 1148

511 S. Kendrick Ave.

Gillette, WY 82716

Ph. 307 682 1444

Fax 307 687 2896


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cowboy Ethics

I very much appreciated the session.

Great job.

My best


PAUL R. DEMURO | Attorney
1211 SW 5th Ave., Ste. 1900, Portland, OR 97204
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Standing tall feedback

I just have to say that this seminar is making a big impact in my heart
already. I knew some things that I needed to do, but haven't started
implementing them into my life yet. Well, all I needed was the little
push, and that's exactly what I got today. Thank you very much for the
great start of my new life.

Jennifer Schwartz

Monday, September 9, 2013

Standing Tall Seminar in Rock Springs

I really need this training to get me back in line with my work/life
balance. I have developed a code previously but NOW I have refined it :)

Live to Give
Trust but Verify
Pay it Forward
Surround yourself by the Best
Be the Person your Grandparents think you are
No success can compensate for poor health
Fail Fast Fail Cheap
Does it Add Value to YOUR life?
Crustos Solve Everything

Thanks for the reflective time :)

Denise Staley, Owner
Taco Time Wyoming
225 Aspen Way
Rock Springs, WY 82901
Mobile: 307-389-5131
Fax: 307-362-9678

Standing Tall

What a great seminar!  I truly enjoyed the presentation and speaker. 


Terri Jean Tarufelli

feedback on class

I really enjoyed the presentation and am looking forward to completing my code and getting it out there.  It is something that applies to all areas of life.




Artha Smith

Owner/Sales Associate

Coldwell Banker Sweetwater Realty

810 Dewar Drive

Rock Springs WY 82901


307-354-6981 cell

307-382-5044 fax


community of the code

This program was really enlightening! I enjoyed every bit of it and was given the motivation I needed to be a better employee! Thank you so much and I look forward to continue to not only follow the Cowboy's Code, but to continue to live and add to my own personal Code.

Again, Thank You!


Mikaela Young,  Activities Coordinator

The Golden Hour Senior Center

550 Uinta Drive Suite A

Green River, Wyoming 82935

Office: (307) 872-3223

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Standing Tall session 5/23/13

I attended the Standing Tall session May 23, 2013. It was excellent. It took a while to decide on a summation of my code to put out for the world to see. "Be a person of integrity, at all times, in all situations."
I was a disappointed in the section on gossip. It has a very high impact on productivity, office moral, and relationships in the workplace. It was the first time you had presented it, but a scolding isn't much incentive to change.  Presenting the negative results of gossip can result in change.
Thank you for coming,
Nancy Brown

Senior Auditor

Phone: (307) 777-2404

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I enjoyed the Standing Tall presentation.  This made me realize that you have to believe that you can make a difference.  Be proud of who you are and what you believe in.  I think that in society today we focus more on the negatives than the positives, we have to stand by our own ethics and not be afraid to speak our beliefs.

Devon Macomber
Child Development Services of Fremont County