Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cowboy Ethics.

I have to say that this program has helped me really simplify the way I look at myself and the way I conduct buisness .
I allways aspire to conduct my life with honesty and integrety and with this program and the cowboy code list as reminders it really helps make the choices I make much more simple .
Faith,Family,Friends , Integrety, Honsety, Hard Work, etc. It is really that simple .
Thank you .
Joe Keith
Milwaukie Lumber
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Monday, July 22, 2013


I really enjoyed attending the session Saturday, the only two suggestions that I would have are:


1)      Go over, or at least identify all literature given out in the folder.

2)      The session got a little rushed due to time constraints, I would have gladly set through 10-15 more minutes.


Other than those minor items, I would highly recommend your seminars to everyone.


Vancouver Yard

Denny Day

Contractor Sales

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I really enjoyed the Cowboy Ethics seminar. I am a firm believer that self awareness if the starting point to personal growth. The 10 principles allows people to look inward and identify areas of their lives that needs improvement. I only wish we had more time to cover the material provided.
"Humility is a by-product of Gratitude."
Rich Greenfield
Milwaukie Lumber Co.
Stark St. Yard
8048 S.E. Stark St.
Portland, OR 97215

feedback - Standing Tall

I enjoyed the Standing Tall presentation very much.  It put all the values & morals that I feel strongly about into a concise package and gave me great ideas to share them.  Thanks!


Lisa S. Almaguer, C.C.E.

Court Manager

Las Cruces Municipal Court



Monday, July 15, 2013


Good Afternoon,

I have completed the steps thus far and would like to register my e-mail.

Thank you!

Wendy Zawada
Mine Engineering Superintendent
OCI Wyoming L. P.
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Standing Tall Session

I recently attended the Standing Tall leadership session and more than enjoyed it.  Our group was privileged to visit with James Owen as well as Kent Noble and both struck a nerve with their material.  Cowboy Ethics and the state of Wyoming adopting these principles makes me proud to live in the great state of WYOMING!

Don McCallum
Surface Maintenance Superintendent
OCI Wyoming

Standing Tall


Great Standing Tall Session. I will be reworking and revising my code for a while I am sure! The session really makes you dig deep to look at how you live your life on a personal and professional level and going forward what needs to change to live your life at the next level, raising the bar.

It was too bad towards the end that we had to rush to get the last couple of principles in before the time was up.

Thank you, I would highly recommend the Standing Tall Sessions

Thank you,

Dershie R. Barber
Vice President-Trust Officer
Wyoming Bank & Trust
5827 Yellowstone Road
Cheyenne WY 82009